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The City Food Lecture 2021 will be live streamed on the 10th February 2021. All registered guests will be provided with an access link. Further details to follow

Live Stream Guide

If you have any queries with The City Food Lecture, please follow the below steps:

What do I need to do to access the City Food Lecture when it goes live?
Registered guests will have been sent (a number of times) a link plus password that will provide access to the City Food Lecture when it goes live at 16.40 on Wednesday 10th February 2021.

The e mail will have come from this address: “City Food Lecture 2021” <> and be titled: HOW TO ACCESS THE CITY FOOD LECTURE LIVE STREAM EVENT 

 Please check your e mails and also spam to find it.

Once located, click on the link

Enter the password provided and follow instructions

You will then have access when the event goes live.

An alternative will be to ask the person/company that invited you.

It is also important that you have a good internet signal.

How do I access the City Food Lecture Networking Hub to network with fellow guests?
Because this is only available to registered guests, all users of the networking hub need to be provided with a personal link to access this section.

This will have been sent to you via the following e mail address:

The e mail heading will be “Important – please read. Join the City Food Lecture 2021 Virtual Networking Opportunities

 Please check your e mails and also spam to find it.

Once located, click on the link

Create your own password and follow instructions

You will then have access to the networking hub.

How do I register for the City Food Lecture?

Only guests invited by the City Food Lecture, the sponsors, the seven food livery organising companies and selected organisations can access the event.

Please note that registrations have now closed for the 2021 event. You are very welcome to contact us for the 2022 City Food Lecture to be held at Guildhall, City of London  (fingers crossed) on the 17thFebruary.

I may have Firewall and Internet security issues. What should I do?

For those who have strong firewalls in your offices, here are the links that may need unblocking for the live stream. The platform we are using is Vimeo.  

Stream Links:

The main stream link will be emailed to you.

Our streaming platform of choice also recommends unblocking these ports, for corporate buildings with firewalls:

All encoders use various internet ports to communicate with Vimeo Live, all of which need to be made open to both incoming and outgoing communication. 

TCP 1935
TCP 80
TCP 443
UDP 53

In addition, if you are using your browser to connect your webcam, you will need to allow the following ports to communicate via WebRTC between your computer and our servers.

TCP/UDP 3478
TCP/UDP 19305-19307
TCP/UDP 19307 50000 – 64000


For any queries on this, please click here use the tech support function, found in the bottom right corner on this site.

How do I find out about sponsorship opportunities with the City Food Lecture 2022?

Please contact Fiona Patrick via  and she will be happy to provide further information

Further Help

In case you still need help after trying all the above, contact